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My game idea is a "A love letter game to my younger self"


In the game you must journey to find the 20 year old that still lives within my fifty year old body. The game tries to highlight the positives that you can do to help find your younger self and also trying to avoid some of the downfalls.

A love letter to my younger self.

To that beautiful young man you so tall and hansom with not a care in the world I wish I could be like you again. Strong and fast, fearless and funny. A simple clear head full of energy and drive, passion and warmth. Gone now I dont know where I left him but I will keep looking.

You Need

  • 1 – 4 people
  • A dice


  • Each player between a wig, a cane, a flat cap and a pair of classes to play as.
  • The youngest player starts.
  • Each player must take it turns to roll a dice and their character around the board.
  • If you land on a ‘H’ or an ‘N’ card you must draw that card.
  • N’ cards are downfalls for players to consider as a 50-year-old man.
  • 'H' cards are actions for the player to resolve those downfalls.
  • Players must take note and one day act on 'H' cards, 
  • The game ends when all cards have run out.

Install instructions

Print & Play

Print on A4 and cut out the board game pieces in the attached zip. There are 4 .pngs that will make up 2 sides of 2 pieces of paper.


A love letter to my younger self.zip 7 MB

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